Friday, February 27, 2009

Brunetti's Covers

A beautiful Ivan Brunetti cover titled "Ecosystems" appears on the current issue of The New Yorker (3/2/09). This one's loaded with details, so you really need to see it up close.

His art also graces the cover of the current volume of Ecotone:

[I think this illustration first appeared in an issue of Brunetti's comic Schizo. . .]


LOOKA said...

I think a subscription model for the New Yorker issues only with cover's by comicworkers is due!

Mr. Hensley: I have been waiting for that book! I have no info, so is it all MOME and other, new things strewn in? Or a complete new take?? I can't wait.

Love that french album style cover...

Anonymous said...

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Tim Hensley said...

Thanks, Looka.
The book is the story that appeared in Mome with, yes, a very few other things strewn in.

Hello, Splat. (Bystanders will note that Splat is the figurehead of SplatCo, which released the first Victor Banana album in 1989...)
Haven't heard anything of your exploits till now. Good luck with the dog rescue, sounds like a good TV show. San Pedro has better food than all of Mexico?!

Anonymous said...

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