Monday, June 5, 2023

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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Mail Bag

Over the past few months I have received some great comics in the mail, here clumsily captured via phone on my breakfast table:

This is Roman Muradov's latest book for Dargaud: Tous Les Vivants. This is his third book for them, and it's baffling to me why they haven't all been published in English. This story is a very ethereal and downbeat look at what might comprise the afterlife. Beautiful subtle and muted artwork.

Also included was a limited edition Risograph mini. This was a funny tale capturing the madness of having an unbearable song stuck in your head.

Andrés Magán sent me the French version of his latest all-ages book, Les Aventures de Passer P. Malta. It has also been published in Spanish. It's a fun "comic within a comic within a comic" tale containing precise drawings of anthropomorphic citizens.
He tells me he also has an English book forthcoming from Entropy Editions this year.

Andrés also enclosed a risograph mini by Begoña García-Alén that appears to be about a lengthy conversation between insects. 6 tendrils up!
Begoña and Andrés were interviewed together in Bubbles #14.

Speaking of Bubbles, Evan Salazar, who interviewed me in issue #11, sent me a compelling mini telling a tale of the old west.
How am I ever going to keep up with all these fine folks now that I've already sent them my own book? As the saying goes, you get what you give, so back to the drawing board... here to read the rest of this post...