Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Re-Order Peanuts: Xmas

This month, the Wendy's "Kids' Meal" comes with one of five different Peanuts toys (which also can be purchased separately). This week's toy (at least in my town) is the "Build Your Own Comic Strip" game.

It comes with a three slot 'picture frame' and six two-sided strips (a total of twelve three-panel strips). The instructions encourage you to break the perforated strips into separate panels and create your own Peanuts.


Random sample:


Isaac said...

Do Peanuts strips ever only have three panels, though?

Ken Parille said...

Hey Isaac,

In some of the 90s collection I have, there are 3 panel strips -- actually a lot more of them than I recall.

The ones from Wendy's might be 4 panel strips with one removed for space/cost reasons - I'm not sure . . .

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