Friday, December 7, 2007

1000 Frames of Hitchcock.

Tippi Hedren, photographed by Robert Burks.

1000 Frames of Hitchcock, found on the Hitchcockwiki, is an intersting ongoing project that (I think) is created by someone named Dave Pattern, or DaveyP. He has distilled all (or most anyway) of Hitchcock's films into mute, columns of tiny screen-grabs. It's a funny idea since Hitchcock was such a meticulous planner and these 1000 frames are just a giant backward step in story telling. Bringing you back to what the completed storyboard must have resembled, minus the incredible cinematography (often Robert Burks) and art direction. Even if you aren't trying to read the silenced pictures, the 1000 frames project serves as a treasury of great photography, and inspired, and varied, graphic design.

Ingrid Bergman, photographed by Robert Burks.

Random out of context sampling…

Eustance Tilly (Lifeboat), photographed by Glen MacWilliams.

Frenzy, photographed by Gilbert Taylor & Leonard J. South.

The Ring, photographed by Jack E. Cox.

Shadow of a Doubt, photographed by Joseph A. Valentine.

To Catch A Theif, photographed by Robert Burks.

The Lodger, photographed by Gaetano di Venimiglia.

North By Northwest, photographed by Robert Burks.

Note: The boy-extra in the blue shirt, plugging his ears in anticipation of a gun shot after many takes of the same scene.

I love this shot. I'm surprised that it made it into the film actually. Relying on a tiny orange spot to make a point on the big screen in 1954 was pretty risky considering how many random spots and specs find their way onto any film with regular use. Oh, but it's such a great idea.Rear Window, photographed by Robert Burks.


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