Monday, November 26, 2007

Vandercook dreams

So it's been 3 years since we've moved to Oakland and still no LETTERPRESS! Jordan Rae and I are getting antsy and we want to get our hands dirty with some dusty lead and ink. We originally planned on getting a press setup months ago and finally we got our eyes on a beauteous monster of a machine called the Vandercook 25/24. Originally we were looking at a 219 or a Universal 1 but they are so hard to come by and ridiculously expensive when you can find one. Anyway, we've got our fingers crossed that this one will work out--that we can find some way to afford it (10 years ago you couldn't give away one of these presses and now they cost as much as a used car. Damn all of you botiquee, novelty/wedding card mofos.) The 25/24 is an exciting find that neither of us were familiar with, it's got a 25" wide bed! ...and if all goes well we'll just have to worry about finding a place to print at and a way to move it there. If anyone wants to see more Buenaventura Press art prints, artist's books, and other printmaking goodness, go to the website and buy stuff or just send us money.

Below: Vandercook 219 (the machine I worked with for a good 10 years when in San Diego with Brighton Press and the machine that started BP, well not this exact one, but this is one we were looking at originally...)

...and the 24/25! (wish I would've taken a picture, will post when we do.)


poop scoop said...

I had one of these in school! Man, it worked like a dream...

woui said...
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woui said...

I know this post is old but we just got a Vandercook 25-24, and i was trying to get more information about it. We're so excited about it.
Did you end up getting yours? Do you have a manual? Any resources you could share?
(my email:

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Anonymous said...

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