Thursday, August 14, 2008


Courtesy of the Peanuts Collector Club FAQ

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night
by Snoopy

Part I

It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly, a shot rang out!
A door slammed. The maid screamed.
Suddenly, a pirate ship appeared on the horizon!
While millions of people were starving, the king lived
in luxury. Meanwhile, on a small farm in Kansas, a boy was
growing up.

Part II

A light snow was falling, and the little girl with the
At that very moment, a young intern at City Hospital was
making an important discovery. The mysterious patient in
Room 213 had finally awakened. She moaned softly.
Could it be that she was the sister of the boy in Kansas
who loved the girl with the tattered shawl who was the
daughter of the maid who had escaped from the pirates?
The intern frowned.
"Stampede!" the foreman shouted, and forty thousand head
of cattle thundered down on the tiny camp. The two men
rolled on the ground grappling beneath the murderous hooves.
A left and a right. A left. Another left and right. An
uppercut to the jaw. The fight was over. And so the ranch
was saved.
The young intern sat by himself in one corner of the
coffee shop. he had learned about medicine, but more
importantly, he had learned something about life.



LOOKA said...

Oh! Is this Swarovski?! YUK, they don't stop from nothing, these Austrians! (...I must know, I live here)

I bet:
After poor Snoopy was taken by volcanic-ash downfall, while on his well deserved retirement on hawaii, some obscure curiosity dealer bought his covered remains. After a long outdrawn journey thru worldwide collections, the tirolian crystal clan bought it, to crystalize him in his very final moment...

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