Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stubs, Post-Its, Pogs...

Since I don't have much of a cell phone--you know I'm having problems if I'm walking the streets looking for a phone booth to check the Yellow Pages for an address--I don't have photos or a con haul from BCGF.
Rina Ayuyang has a recap soundly squared away here. Hopefully all those luminaries won't be disappointed when they actually read my book. I look horrible in the pictures.
Thank you to the organizers of BCGF for considering me a guest and to all the folks who stopped by the Yam Books table to say hello. Thanks to Lark and Robyn for congeniality.
I was surprised to meet so many non-cartoonists who had read my book and liked it. One fellow told me he found it in a public library in the children's section--whoops.
The panel I was on was more crowded than I expected, but I felt it went okay. I afterward read a blog post that said I was inarticulate. I felt bad for Anouk Ricard who was thinking fluent French and speaking limited English. (Check out this clip of her characters on YouTube; it is cool.) Tom Spurgeon did a great job of trying to keep the nebulous topic balanced.
Tuesday I was back at my cubicle at work trying to stay awake.
Biggest thank you goes to Rina for publishing Ticket Stub and holding down the tables for the "transcontinental tour." I hope Yam's future is bright and also that she gets back to drawing comics! I likely won't be traveling like this again for a while.
Next up is the Giant Robot annual Post-It show, washed out scan above.
Still drawing laborious comics too...