Monday, October 20, 2008

Before and After

I love seeing before-and-afters of pretty much anything. From New York City, to Dr. Zizmor's patients, and a well done, carefully shot before-and-after really makes my day. (I recently went out of my way to visit the Physical Graffiti buildings on St. Mark's place.)

I like them for the same reasons that I always loved Highlight's for Kids' spot-the-differences activity spreads. This series of photographs of Twin Peaks shooting locations is tops. Rarely do fans work so hard to get the correct camera position/lighting/composition to really observed the differences of a place. This one gets it right. I revel vicariously in the experience of a Twin Peaks fan, so dedicated, so unflinchingly geeky, wandering around what was the "Great Northern" lodge matching pine-knots to screen captures taken from their DVDs. Well done. All this nostalgia is making me hungry!

Now, I hope they head a little farther down the coast now and take some definitive before-and-afters of Astoria, OR and the principal Goonies locations. It's been done thoroughly, but the bar has been raised.

p.s. Vertigo, then-and-now.


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