Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Forensic Genealogy

I am a rank amateur in the field of forensic genealogy, but my guess is that this picture was taken by my father (Well, that I could figure out) in March of 1975 at the World Book Newsstand on Cahuenga Boulevard. To try to guess, I looked up the Marvel Team-Up cover on the web since the two protagonists arguably change from issue to issue; here it is The Son of Satan and The Human Torch, who is contorted in Gil Kane's salute to Bob Fosse. Other clues: the fly-by-night Atlas line, the Mad Death Wish cover, the subhead of Famous Monsters of Filmland #115 mentioning Phantom of the Paradise... But I'm sure forensic genealogists could determine what exact day it was just by the shadows.
(Thanks to Jonathan Bennett for the link.)